Trading Systems

What is a Trading System?

A trading system is any method of day trading that uses a frequently applied methodology. Trading systems come in the form of online courses, eBooks, interactive software, videos, tutorials, workshops and any other type of educational product.

A Google search on the topic will provide a multitude of sites and services geared towards selling the latest and greatest trading system. Far too often, these sites offer little information about the product:

  • How frequently the trading system is successful and unsuccessful?
  • How frequently can the trading system be used?
  • How much does the trading system cost?
  • How easy is the trading system to use?
  • What kind of guarantee (if any) is offered with the trading system?

In most cases, you will not know the answer to any of these questions until you actually buy the trading system.  Here at, we cut through the hype and find answers to these questions.

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